MOTOVATE is an app-supported incentive program for families and fleets to improve driver behavior and reduce distracted driving.

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Driving App

Safety with a work-life balance!

Road safety solutions need to be realistic, but they don’t have to be boring! Use real rewards to MOTOVATE your family and fleet to drive safely.


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App Features

MOTOVATE mixes gameful design and practicality for the best driver-centric experience.

Wellness Program

Reduce Distractions

Remove the temptation to check your phone while you drive. That text, FB chat, tweet, snap, and email CAN actually wait.

Drive Safely

Stay focused on the road and earn safe miles for trips completed with good driving scores.

Earn Rewards

Form safe habits with positive incentives. Cash in your safe miles or earn entries to a contest.

Build a Team

Use at work and share the same app with your friends and family. It’s better when we work together!

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